Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Burn in testing?
A. A system that is used to perform burn-in operations to load burn-in boards.
Q. How does Burn-in Testing Work?
A. During the process of testing, the ICs are placed on the board and subjected to stress. The board used for the burn-in testing is made of flame retardant FR4 material and can withstand temperatures as high as 125 degrees Celsius. If the board is subjected to higher temperatures than 125 degrees Celsius, then boards made of ceramic and polyamide are used. The boards are tested within the burn-in oven by applying a necessary voltage. When the stress test is done, the board is taken out and checked for defects. The boards are provided with sockets to hold the ICs on them.
Q. Is Burn-in test good?
A. Burn-in testing is important for detecting and preventing the occurrence of all types of early failures and malfunctions in the lifetimes of electronic components and devices.
Q. What Different types of PC boards are designed and manufactured at Golden Altos?
A.  Board Types includes the following:
  • Universal and dedicated Burn-in Boards
  • Custom driver cards & Pattern Generator
  • Program Cards  & other Scrambling Boards
  • Socket Card Adapters & other Conversion
  • Load Boards and Tester  Interface H/W
  • Performance and Demo Cards
Q: About the App

A. The Golden Altos app gives our customers the ability to get real time updates on their orders whether it’s an assembly job on our manufacturing line or a qualification test in our lab. Along with one-click direct messaging to our customer service team, we’ve made security a key feature by using a 2-factor authentication login, ensuring that any sensitive information provided stays secured.

Q. What are the Features of the Mobile Application?

Q. Where can I Download the Mobile App?

A.  You can download the mobile app from the play store or app store or download from Here: Our App