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Golden Altos - Employee Spotlight - Karla Dy

Employee Spotlight: Karla Dy

At our organization, we are proud to have Karla Dy as our QA Supervisor. With her expertise and commitment, she has made significant contributions to the success of

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Constant Acceleration Tester

Not Your Typical Spin Cycle

Purpose of Constant Acceleration Test The Constant Acceleration test, also known as the centrifuge test, is used to determine the effects of constant acceleration on microelectronic devices specifically

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Golden Altos - PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection) Equipment with Osciloscope on top

Benefits of PIND Testing

Are you plagued by free particles in your hermetic packages causing intermittent shorts or damaging your sensitive electronics? Probably not. In large part this is due to the

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Golden Altos - Employee Spotlight - Ben Mendoza

Employee Spotlight

We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize our VP and General Manager Ben Mendoza who just recently celebrated his 22nd work anniversary here at Golden Altos! As

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Keeping It Clean

What is a Clean Room? The heart of any semiconductor assembly line is a clean room that utilizes advanced equipment such as fully-automated die attach machines and state-of-the-art

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NSW S400 precision dispenser

The NSW S400 Is Here

The NSW S400 will increase the dispensing capabilities of die attach materials with increased speed and precision. As part of Golden Altos’ objective to provide consistently high quality, reliably-assembled components at the

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Golden Altos Insider-Complex Dicing Capabilities-Singulation Wafer

Complex Dicing Capabilities

Our process is set up for each individual customer requirements for a reliable cut that will pass rigorous Military visual inspection criteria and can prevent failures from group

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Golden Altos Insider-The Standard Dicing Process-Dicing Blade and Process Selection

The Standard Dicing Process

Golden Altos uses conventional mechanical dicing for device singulation since this is highly supported by the equipment manufacturer, DISCO, and a widely accepted method for the semiconductor industry.

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