Employee Spotlight: Analyn Tolentino

Golden Altos - Employee Spotlight - Analyn Tolentino

Employee Spotlight: Analyn Tolentino

Today we wanted to take the time to recognize Analyn Tolentino, for being an invaluable member of the team!

With 3 years at Golden Altos under her belt, Analyn is currently working as the Program Management Coordinator. Coming from a financial background, Analyn had to work from the ground up to understand the ins and outs of the company. Her efforts did not go unnoticed as she always found a way to get it done – and done well!

Analyn made her entrance into Golden Altos as part of the customer service team working under the guidance of our Production Manager, Rexie Losendo-Belena. She worked closely with Ben Mendoza, our Vice President, and Messay Yoftahie, Head of Business Development, to create a well-rounded foundation. Analyn overcame every obstacle encountered and was able to navigate and establish herself successfully.

She described working for Golden Altos as an ‘honor.’ Explaining that she feels grateful to be a part of such an impactful industry. When asked to describe her work she explained, “Customer service is a crucial role as it is the focal point of communication by acting as the middle-man between our company and our customers. We treat our customers like family. The relationship between us and the customer is important. We want to treat them to feel like family so that we can develop trust.” Solving any circumstance that requires a resolution promptly and communicating any issues to the customer, is what Analyn does best.

Outside of work you can find Analyn somewhere on the beach with her husband enjoying the tranquil sounds of the crashing waves. Having a deep love for experiencing different cultures, traveling to different places is one of her favorite things to do. Staying devout to her faith is what she feels most proud of! When asked to describe herself in three words she responded, “family-orientated, fun-loving and compassionate.” She is quite compassionate, indeed! Her mother plays a tremendous role in her life. Analyn feels honored by how her mother taught her the value of education, experiencing life with limitations. She taught her that life experiences are the best teacher which she believes to be very true.

Analyn ensures to see projects through conception to completion, all while having the best attitude. You can always tell that there is a smile under that mask! We appreciate your warm nature, reliability, and determination. Golden Altos is lucky to have you!