Employee Spotlight: John Leo Ablao

Golden Altos - Employee Spotlight - John Leo Ablao

Employee Spotlight: John Leo Ablao

This week we’re shining the light on John Ablao! This automotive & motorcycle enthusiast and family man has been at Golden Altos for 12 strong years. John is our Facilities and Equipment Manager who is in charge of ensuring our equipment is running at full capacity. John goes above and beyond to keep waters calm here at Golden Altos.

John made his way into Golden Altos through his mother who was working in the frontline. When he first started, he was immediately taken away by the sheer importance of the work that we do. John was particularly intrigued by how every detail and every calculation mattered. So, he had become determined to understand the company in its entirety, from beginning to end. He wanted to know the structure of our company like the back of his hand. Starting out in the frontline, John fell under the wings of our beloved Production Manager, Rosa who moved him to the backend. As she helped him navigate his way, it was not long before John really took off and his fascination with the assembly process grew. This ultimately pushed him to where he is now.

John was recently promoted to Facilities Engineer Manage, and when asked what he had to change or improve to be successful in this position, he responded, “Changing or improving yourself never stops, it just keeps going. And all you can do is improve.’’ He describes his responsibilities as, ‘keeping the machines healthy by making sure that they are in shape and calibrated properly to keep the process moving.’ His detailed weekly assessments assure that everything is accounted for. When asked who his mentor was, he replied, “Number one is Rosa,” and the sincerity in his voice was unmatched. “Also, Ben and my team for giving me good answers to my questions.” He explained that coming into this industry with zero knowledge, there was a lot to learn, and was thankful to have been surrounded by support. He mentioned a conversation had with our President, Arlen. He explained that Arlen had really conveyed the message behind what we do matters that left John touched by recognizing the magnitude of what we’re doing.

Outside of Golden Altos, you would find John on his bike just enjoying life! However, nothing comes before being a dad. John is a father of two and it’s what he is most proud of. Having kids changed his perspective on many things, they come first, and he learns from them every day. Shy, friendly, and determined is how John describes himself in three words and determined he is, indeed!

John, your determination will push you to make your vision for Golden Altos come to fruition. Thank you for all sweat and hard work you put in these past 12 years. You bring value to the team and your story is inspiring! We appreciate you for all that you do.

MARCH 18, 2021