The Standard Dicing Process

Golden Altos Insider-The Standard Dicing Process-Dicing Blade and Process Selection

The Standard Dicing Process

Golden Altos uses conventional mechanical dicing for device singulation since this is highly supported by the equipment manufacturer, DISCO, and a widely accepted method for the semiconductor industry.

We use diamond-filled dicing blades from DISCO and other reputable dicing blade manufacturers for silicon wafers and the choice of the dicing blade dimension will depend on the various factors such as wafer thickness, width of saw street, or presence of process control monitors (PCM) inside the saw street.

Photo #1 below shows a saw street (blue shaded area) filled with PCM which can cause issues with Military visual inspection.

Careful selection of the dicing blade and process settings such as cut speed and dicing tape can eliminate the PCM without damaging the die as seen in Photo #2