Expanding Our Capabilites: F&K Delvotec M17S

Expanding Our Capabilites: F&K Delvotec M17S

Milpitas, Calif. – (September 17, 2021) The work provided at Golden Altos matters to the various industries they serve, and that’s taken very seriously. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Golden Altos has dedicated over 35 years of experience to the Semiconductor, Military, and Aerospace industries. This one-stop, onshore IC hermetic assembly house offers full turnkey solutions, hybrid and monolithic assembly, and fully compliant qualification testing.  Ensuring customers continuously receive the very best from the production line is one of the top priorities. One of the many ways this is accomplished is by facilitating the right innovations and equipment to tackle every level of complexity regarding your packaging requirements. With that, Golden Altos is proudly announcing one of the newest additions to their equipment lineup: the F&K Delvotec M17S, taking their wire bonding capabilities to a whole new level.

“With the fluctuating needs of the semiconductor assembly market we are consistently reviewing our aptitude to determine where we can capitalize on equipment upgrades,” says Golden Altos Corporations Vice President Ben Mendoza. “Wire bonding is considered one of the most critical steps during IC assembly, so we took our time to find a bonding platform that can meet a wide range of varying bonding requirements. The Delvotec M17S provided the platform we were looking for to keep us up to speed to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs for our customers now and for many years to come.”

This fully automatic wire bonder with a single bond head is not only the most reliable bonder on the market but also acts as a versatile all-in-one for any stringent wire bonding requirement. With a wide range of different product lines which include, but are not limited to, power devices, RF technologies, Monolithics, and MultiChip hybrids (MCM), there is much to offer. The adaptable nature of this bonder allows Golden Altos to provide bonding services for a wide range of requirements on a single platform. There are many functions applicable that set this bonder apart from the rest. The Delvotec is not only suitable for all wire bond technologies but also capable of a quick and simple changeover in just under 15 minutes. It offers continuous monitoring and control of the bond process with the patented Bond Process Control with multiple possibilities for automation from manual to in-line.

Does this grab your attention? Let’s take a deeper dive into the specifics on what Golden Altos can bring to the table for you and your team:

• Wire feed angle
30°, 45°, 60°, 90° convertible

• Wire diameter
– Standard 17.5-75 μm (0.7-3 mil)
– Optional 12.5 μm and 100 μm (0.5-4 mil)

• Wire material
Al, Au, Cu, Pt, Pd


  • Ball on Stitch, Stitch on Ball, Security ball, Ball on Stitch on Ball, Tailless bumping, Ball stacking

  • Wedge-Wedge Fine Wire

  • Deep Access Wedge-Wedge Fine Wire

  • Wedge-Wedge Heavy Wire

  • Wedge-Wedge Heavy Ribbon

  • Common platform (heavy wire/fine wire/ deep access/ball wedge)

  • 7 wires/sec depending on application

  • Unparalleled data monitoring from BPC with over 600 parameters

For a more detailed description on the F&K Delvotec M17S capabilities, click here for more.

In a very short period, this bonder can be transformed into any wire bond process making it reliable for high productivity. The first and fully automatic wire bonder in the world is up and ready for action at Golden Altos. Reach out to [email protected] and see what heights you can reach today!