Milpitas, Calif. – (January 3, 2022) As a full-service provider of post wafer fab production of Hi-Rel Monolithic and Hybrid Integrated Circuits, Golden Altos is committed to quality, reliability, and the timely delivery of our customers products. Established in 1989, Golden Altos continuously strives to be the leader of hermetic assembly services, qualification, and turnkey solutions for the semiconductor, military, and aerospace communities.

Today, Golden Altos proudly announces the addition of the XYZTEC Condor Sigma Wire Tester. This multifunctional tester further expands the limits of what Golden Altos can provide to their customers.

With advanced sensor accuracy and resolution, this future proof and modular design comes with state of the art, and full automation capabilities. Holding up to 6 different sensors, the Revolving Measurement Unit allows for continuous testing, fiducial recognition, wire detection, tool alignment, self-aligning shear tool, SECS/GEM, next level smart vision and image measurement, and much more. This expansion will transform how Golden Altos provides bond pull and die shear services.

Bond Technician, Joedale Poblete, had this to say about his experience with the tester: “As a contract manufacturer, this equipment has saved time with the dual-use purpose.  With a flip of a switch, we can now do bond pull and die shear testing on the same piece of equipment. With the built-in-software, we also get the SPC data automatically for each lot. The machine is flexible to use, easy to set up and very efficient. The flexibility of this equipment allows us to work on a variety of different packages. Its versatility allows us to perform work such as automatic non-destructive bond pull.”

When asked what his favorite feature of the XYZTEC Condor Sigma was, he said, “The auto hook feature is a brilliant addition to our industry!”

Adhering to customer needs will always be a core value at Golden Altos. With the vision for continuous improvement, the XYZTEC Condor Sigma Wire Tester provides Golden Altos with the latest technology to serve its customers. This improvement illustrates Golden Altos’ commitment to providing the industry with the necessary services which meet the stringent requirements in an efficient manner for the semiconductor, military, and aerospace communities.

Below are some of the features:

Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU): 

· Designed for Pull and Shear test up to 40 kg.

· Performing Wire Pull, Ball Shear, Wedge Shear, Solder Ball Shear and Die Shear.

· For 4 individual tools, there is a corresponding measurement sensor in customized configuration.

· Using software to select 5 different ranges for each of the 4 measurement sensors.

· Test tool configurations are 2 Pull and 2 Shear, 1 Pull and 3 Shear or 4 Shear.

· Motorized and programmable Pull hook.

· A variety of Pull and Shear tools are available.

· Dimmable Cold Light source is integrated in the unit and switches on for the selected tool.

· High maximum load up to 100 kgf.

Software is capable of the following:

· Central database for storing the test results of one or more testers.

· Monitoring test results over a network.

· Powerful module to search in the database.

· Multiple user definable tables that can be used as SPC grouping levels for storing measurements.

· Detailed visual measurement results and statistical information.

· Comprehensive statistical information for analyzing the complete production process including different types of graphs that can be viewed on screen or printed in a report.

· Export data in other formats such as CSV and the Windows clipboard for use in other applications.


About the Golden Altos Corporation

For over 30 years, Golden Altos has delivered high-reliability integrated circuit and hybrid assembly services to the semiconductor, military, and aerospace communities.  In addition, Golden Altos provides with testing (mechanical, environmental, and electrical) which meets MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-38535 and JEDEC standards.  Located in Silicon Valley, Golden Altos also offers program management expertise to handle projects every step of the way from wafer acquisition to certified flight-ready parts.

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